North American - A Pueblo weaver and medicine-man. When Nachuruchu married the moon, the two witches known as the Yellow Corn Maidens were so jealous that they drowned her in a well. All the animals and birds searched for her and the buzzard spotted a mound covered with flowers. Nachuruchu had the buzzard bring him one of the white flowers and, placing it between two robes, sang magic songs over it until it turned into his wife, fully restored. He then made a magic hoop for her to play with and when she bowled it towards the witches they grabbed hold of it and were immediately turned into snakes. On occassion, referred to as Nachuruchu, Nah-chu-ru-chu, Nah-chu-ru-chu, Nah-chu-ru-ch or Nah-chu-ru-ch.

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