Mesopotamian - An Akkadian god of wisdom. Son of Marduk and Sarpanitu. Consort of Tasmetu or Ishtar. He invented the art of writing and recorded all knowledge on clay tablets. His ship was known as Iddahedu. Also known as Nabu, Khadir, Khadir, El Hidr, El Khadir, El Khidir, El Khidr, El Kidir, El Kidr, Green Man, Green One, The, Hadir, Hidr, Khidir, Khidu, Khizr, Kidir, Kidr, Kilir, Matun, Nabi Khadir, Nabi Khidir, Nabu, Al-Khidr, (El) Hidr, (El) K(h)idir, (El) Kidr, Nabi, The Green Man, The Green One, Laghlaghghi-gar, Laghlaghghi-gar, Nabu, Nebo, Nebo or Nabu.

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