Egyptian - The goddess of Thebes. Consort of Amon. Mother of Khons. She is usually depicted with the head of a vulture but sometimes has the head of a lion. Some say that she was a mate of Hapi; a name for Isis, in some accounts. In some accounts, known as Mut, Great Sorcerer, Great Sorcerer, Hathor, Hathor, Athyr, Het-Hert, Lady of Byblos, Lady of Dendera, Lady of Faience, Lady of the West, Lady of Turquoise, Sakhmet, Triphis, Anit, Great Mother, Qedeshet Sakhmet, Tafner, Triphis, Canaanite Baalat, Tanit, Greek Aphrodite, Mesopotamian Ishtar, Athor, Nekmet- Awai, Tauret, Isis, Isis, Aset, Ast, Aust, Eset, Esu, Lady of the Beginning, Lady of the Emerald, Lady of the Turquoise, Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, sacred birds, Star of the Sea, Unt, Watch Merti, As(e)t, Eenohebis, Hes(a)t, Iahu, Mother of God, Thousand Named, Urethekau, Werethekau, Greek Athena, Demeter, Isia, Io, Stella Maris, Manat, Ziza, Lady of Asheru, Lady of Asheru, Ma, Ma, Maet, Maht, Maut, Ammas, Maat, Mait, Mayet, 'truth', Nehebkau, Muit, Muit, Muut, Muut, Nekhbet, Nekhbet, Nechbet, Nekhebet, Nekhibet, Greek Ilythia, Ament, Ament, Amenadial, The Great Sorceress, The Great Sorceress, Greek Hera, Greek Hera, Indrani, Juno, Ament, Ament, Mast, Mast, Taure or Taure.

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