Irish - A poet and adviser to Brian Boru. He was said to be a dwarf. In some references, referred to as Muircheartach.
Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Muireadhach and Earc. His father had been carried off by Eochu, king of Scotland, but the young man killed the king and returned with a wife Earc, daughter of Loarn, to Ireland where Muircheartach was born. He was expelled from both Ireland and Scotland for murders and went to Britain where he was made king, eventually returning to his native land where he became high-king. Other stories say that he put aside his wife, Duaidbhseach, in favour of the charms of Sin, a sorceress. She brought about his death by conjuring up hosts of warriors for him to slaughter, gradually weakening him and finally making him believe that his palace was on fire so that he jumped into a vat of ale (or wine) to escape the flames and was drowned. On occassion, referred to as Muircheartach.

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