Irish - A queen of Ulster. Daughter of Eochaid Feidleach. Sister of Clothra, Eithne and Maev. Wife of Conor mac Nessa. She led the naked women who cooled Cuchulainn's battle fury with vats of cold water. Occasionally called Mughain.
Irish - One of the wives of Diarmaid. Mac Cearbhaill. Mother of Aedh Slaine. She was jealous of the other wife, Maireann, and exposed the fact that she was bald. St Ciarnan caused golden hair to grow on Maireann's head and Mughain was made barren as punishment. St Finnian tried to help by giving her holy water to drink but she produced first a lamb and then a fish. When the saint blessed Mughain herself, she bore Aedh Slaine. Occasionally known as Mughain.
Irish - A tree said to have been planted. By Fintan. Identified as Mughain.
Irish - Wife of Maolochtraigh. Mother of Cumane. Mother of Comgan by Fiachna. Sometimes called Mughain.

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