Burmese - One of the first nats, created by Chinun Way Shun. Also called Mu, Moo, Moo or Mu.
East Indian - One of a race of Papuan dwarfs. These beings, no more than about two feet tall, are said to be very strong and have the power to make themselves invisible to humans. Sometimes identified as Mu, Moo, Moo or Mu.
Pacific Islands - A supposed lost continent. Some say that this continent, now sunk beneath the Pacific, was the original home of mankind. Some say it is Atlantis. On occassion, known as Mu, Moo, Moo or Mu.
General - An image of an enemy used in sympathetic magic. The image, usually of wood, is used as a substitute for the real person in the belief that injury inflicted on one will affect the other. In some cases, the image is made of paper. Such images are used by female mediums allegedly to contact the spirits of the dead. In some references, referred to as Mu, Moo, Moo or Mu.

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