Mount Meru

Hindu - The site of Brahmapura: the site of Indra's heaven: home of the gods at the centre of the universe. On the summit, some 350,000 miles up, lay Brahma's palace surrounded by the Ganges, while the homes of Krishna and Vishnu were built on the lower slopes. It is said that seven underworlds exist below the mountain where the asuras live in caves. Mount Meru also appears as the centre of the universe in Buddhism. Sometimes called Mount Meru, Golden Mountain, Golden Mountain, Jewel Peak, Jewel Peak, Lotus Mountain, Lotus Mountain, Mahameru, Mahameru, Meru, Meru, Mount Sumeru, Mount Sumeru, Mount, The, Mount, The, Sumeru, Sumeru, Devaparvata, Devaparvata, Hemadri, Hemadri, Karnikacala, Karnikacala, Ratnasanu, Ratnasanu, The Mount or The Mount.

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