Mother Earth

General - The earth personified, regarded as a deity. A name for Akhi, Demeter, Gaea, Nerthus, Pachamama and many other goddesses. Known as Mother Earth, Demeter, Demeter, Amphictyonis, Da-Meter, Damater, Deo, Doso, Good Goddess, Grain Mother, Hermione, Isis, Mangata, Mother Da, Thesmophorus, Three Eponae, Achaiva, Black Demeter, Chloe, Da-meter, Deo, Epona, Erinys, Ga Metre, Ge Metre Gemeter, Hermione, Thesmorphorus, White Goddess, Egyptian Isis, Italic Damatar, Phrygian Cybele, Roman Ceres, Dea Dia, Earth Mother, Earth Mother, Iroquois Eithinisha, Nerthus, Nerthus, Nerthus, Aerth, Hertha, Norse Frigga, Roman Tellus, Pachamama, Pachamama, Mama Pacha, Paca-Mama or Pachacamama.

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