Irish - A war-goddess. Daughter of Ernmas. Granddaughter or wife of Neit, some say. Wife of the Dagda, some say. Mother of Mechi. This deity is usually regarded as a trio of war-goddesses comprising Ana (or Nemain), Badb and Macha or Badb, Macha and Morrigan, who helped the Danaans at the Battles of Moytura. She could appear as a maiden or an old hag, a raven or a crow. In some stories, she helped Cuchulainn in the defence of Ulster, in others she opposed him because he had rejected her advances. On that occasion, she coiled herself round him in the form of an eel when he was engaged in single combat with Loch Mor. She further harassed him, in the form of a wolf and then a heifer, but he managed to kill Loch despite her efforts. At the end of his life, she attacked him in the form of a crow, helping to kill him. In one story, she turned Odras, wife of a man from whom she had stolen a bull, into a river. In some accounts, she is equated with Agrona, in others with Dana and is the basis for Morgan le Fay. She rides in a chariot drawn by red horses and is frequently dressed all in red. Sometimes called Morrigan, Badb, Badb, Bav, Badhb(h), Bodb, Bodhbh, Gaulish Bodua, Cathubodua, Mach, Mach, Macha, Mor-Rhioghain, Mor-Rhioghain, Mor-Rioghan, Mor-Rioghan, Morrighan, Morrighan, Morrigu, Morrigu, Phantom Queen, Phantom Queen, Be Neit, Be Neit, Fea, Fea, Mor-Riogha(i)n, Mor-Riogha(i)n, Connaught Maev, Connaught Maev, Ulster Mac(c)ha or Ulster Mac(c)ha.

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