British - A black knight. Son of Agloval or Percival. He was born of a liaison between a Saracen princess and either Agloval or Percival. When he was twenty-four and on a quest to find his father, who had deserted his mother when Moriaen was born, he fought an inconclusive duel with Lancelot who was riding with Gawain (Walewein), also in search of Agloval, who, in this version, was Percival's brother. The three joined forces and then separated when they came to a cross-roads, Moriaen going to the left, Lancelot to the right and Gawain straight ahead. In saving a lady in distress, Gawain killed a knight who turned out to be the son of a man who gave them shelter for the night. The distraught father had Gawain ambushed when he left the castle and Moriaen arrived on the scene just in time to save Gawain's life. Lancelot, meanwhile, had killed a monster to win the hand of a queen but was wounded by a treacherous knight. Gawain saved Lancelot and they both returned to the cross-roads where they met Moriaen who had found Agloval and Percival. All five of them helped Arthur to repel an invading force of Irish and then Moriaen and Agloval returned to Moriaen where Agloval married Moriaen's mother. Occasionally known as Moriaen, Moraien, Moraien or Moriaen.
Dutch - A 13th C. Story of the adventures of Gawain, Lancelot and Moriaen. Sometimes identified as Moriaen, Moraien, Moraien or Moriaen.

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