Irish - A giant. Brother, brother-in-law or son of Anguish. He led a raid on Lyonesse and exacted tribute and then sailed for Cornwall to demand tribute from Mark, king of Cornwall, on hehalf of Anguish, king of Ireland. Tristram engaged him in single combat and killed him. A splinter from Tristram's sword was embedded in Morholt's skull and this allowed Isolde to identify Tristram as the man who had killed him. Some say that, in the fight with Tristram, he was only wounded; others say he was killed. In the Wagnerian version, Isolde was betrothed to Morold. Tristram, who had been wounded in the fight with Morold, went to Ireland to heal his wounds and was nursed by Isolde. She saw his broken sword and realised that he had killed Morold but nevertheless fell in love with him. In the Tavola Ritonda, he is given as the father of Amoroldo and Golistant. In some stories, it was Marhaus who fought with Tristram; Morholt was his father. Other versions equate Morholt and Morant. In other stories, Morholt became a Knight of the Round Table. In one story of his exploits as a knight of Arthur's court he was challenged by two knights but quickly unhorsed them in succession watched by Owain and Gawain. He then challenged the two newcomers, easily disposing of the inexperienced Owain and fighting an honourable draw with Gawain. The three became friends and travelled on together in search of adventure. When they met three women at a cross-roads who promised to lead them to adventure, Morholt chose the middle-aged one. They came to the castle of the Duke of the South Border who claimed that Gawain had killed one of his sons in battle and, as a result, he hated Arthur and all his knights. He forced Morholt to fight him and his six sons but they proved poor warriors and Morholt unhorsed all seven of them - and then did the same again. He forced the Duke to yield and ordered him to go to Camelot and ask the king's mercy. At a tournament a few days later, Morholt was the champion and won a golden circlet which he gave to his travelling companion. Morholt killed a giant, released the prisoners kept there and seized the treasure which the giant had hoarded. They returned to the cross-roads from where their quest had started and met up again with Owain and Gawain. All three then returned to Camelot where they were made welcome by the king. In some accounts, Morant and Morholt are two distinct characters, allies fighting together in Cornwall. Others have Marhaus as the son of Marholt. Occasionally called Morholt, Marhalt, Marhalt, Marhaus, Marhaus, Mark, Marholt, Marholt, Morant, Morant, Moraunt, Morhold, Morhold, Morold, Morold, Mora(u)nt, Mora(u)nt, Mor(h)old or Mor(h)old.

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