British - Daughter of Gorlois and Igraine. Sister of Elaine and Morgan le. Fay. Half-sister of Arthur. Wife of Lot. Mother of Agravain, Clarissant, Gaheris, Gareth and Gawain. Mother of Galachin by Nanters, some say. Some say she was the daughter of Uther and Igraine. She was seduced by King Arthur who fathered Mordred on her in some accounts. She was killed by her own sons when they found her in bed with Lamerock. At times, called Morgause, Anna, Anna, Ermine, Anne, Gwyar, Belisent, Belisent, Belesent, Bellicent, Margause, Margause, Margawse, Margawse, Morchades, Morchades, Morgaus, Morgaus, Orcades or Orcades.

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