Morgan le Fay

British - A sorceress. Daughter of Gorlois and Igraine. Sister of Cliton, Elaine, Gliten, Glitonea, Marrion, Mazoe, Moronoe, Morgause, Thitis and Tyronoe. Sister of Oberon, some say. Half-sister of Arthur. Wife of Urien. Mother of Owain. Some say she is the changling daughter of Gorlois and Igraine, others equate her with Morgause or Morgana; she is named as the Lady of the Lake and in some versions is equated with Nimue. Other versions keep Morgan and Nimue as two separate characters with Nimue as one of the damsels of the Lady of the Lake. Some say she was the mother of Mordred by King Arthur, others that she bore Oberon to Julius Caesar, Corbon to Renoart and Pulzella Gaia to Hemison. She was a shape-changer who was said to have wings that enabled her to fly. Her real home was in Avalon where she was head of a small community of women to whom she gave instruction in the magic arts. She was always accompanied by her three daughters, Carvilia, Morganetta and Nivetta, themselves fairy queens. Her other companions were Arsine and Maglore. She was reputed to have another home in Sicily where she was known as Fata Morgana. When King Arthur upset her by executing one of her lovers, she planned to kill both the king and her husband and marry another lover, Accolan, ruling as his queen. She stole the sword Excalibur and gave it to Accolan and, by her magic, caused Arthur to fight him. Her plans went astray when Arthur won the fight and recovered Excalibur. In the belief that Accolan had won, she prepared to kill Urien with his own sword while he slept but her son, Owain, alerted by a servant, seized her in time to prevent the murder. She duped him into believing that she had been possessed by evil spirits and he forgave her when she promised to give up her magic arts - which, of course, she did not. Accolan died of his wounds. In another attempt on Arthur's life she sent a bejewelled mantle to the king but, warned by Nimue, he made the damsel who brought it to the court put the mantle on. She fell dead, burned to a cinder. She stole the magic scabbard of Excalibur and, chased by Arthur's men, threw it into a lake. She escaped her pursuers by turning herself and her party into standing stones. When the pursuers gave up the chase they resumed their normal shape and Morgan returned to her own country of Gore. As Morgan, she rescued the infant Lancelot; as Nimue she was loved by Merlin. Some say that it was she who alerted Arthur to Lancelot's affair with Guinevere when she gave him a magic drink which opened his eyes to what was going on. In some versions she was one of the queens accompanying the dying Arthur on the boat taking him to Avalon. After the fall of Camelot, Morgan and her daughters left Britain for the Straits of Messina where they lured ships on to the rocks. She appears in the Charlemagne stories as Morgana, where her sisters are said to be Alcina and Logestilla, and she is the mother of a son, Marlyn, by Ogier. Another such son, Meurvin, may be the same as Marlyn. In these stories she had a brother named Oberon. Also called Morgan le Fay, Argante, Argante, Margante, Feimurgan, Feimurgan, Lady of Avalon, Lady of Avalon, Morgain, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgaine, Morgan le Fée, Morgan le Fée, Morgana, Morgana, Lady of the Lake, Morganna, Lady of Fortune, Lady of the Lake, Morgen, Morgen, Morghe, Morghe, Morgue le Fay, Morgue le Fay, Morgue le Faye, Morgue le Faye, Nimue, Nimue, Lady of the Lake, Nimiane, Nineve, Niniane, Nymenche, Vivian, Viviane, Vivien, Vivienne, Nymue, Nineue, Vivian(e), Vivien(ne), Queen of Avalon, Queen of Avalon, Fata Morgana, Fata Morgana, Matrona, Matrona, Divine Mother, Welsh Modron, Modron, Modron, Celtic Matrona, Lady of Little Van Lake, Morgain(e), Morgain(e), Morgan(n)a, Morgan(n)a, Morgue le Fay(e), Morgue le Fay(e), Queen of Cyprus, Queen of Cyprus, Priure, Queen of Gore, Queen of Gore, Queen of Sorestan or Queen of Soreston.

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