Central American - A trickster god of the Aztecs, later. God of the underworld. In some lore, occasionally called Montezuma.
Central American - An Aztec ruler. Brother of Papan. His sister was said to have returned from the dead to warn him of the coming invasion by the Spaniards. Also known as Montezuma.
North American - The first man, in the lore of the Papago. Great Mystery formed men from clay and the first man was Montezuma. All except Montezuma and Coyote were later destroyed in the flood but Great Mystery repopulated the earth after the waters had subsided. Montezuma came to regard himself as all-powerful and even challenged Great Mystery by building a tower to reach the heavens - like the Tower of Babel. Great Mystery destroyed the tower with an earthquake and, as in the story of Babel, caused the tribes to speak in different languages. On occassion, called Montezuma.

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