Welsh - A mother-goddess and river-goddess. Daughter of Avalloc. Wife of Urien, some say. Mother of Mabon. Some accounts equate her with Morgan le Fay and make her the mother of Owain by Urien. Also known as Modron, Morgan le Fay, Morgan le Fay, Argante, Feimurgan, Lady of Avalon, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgan le Fée, Morgana, Morgen, Morghe, Morgue le Fay, Morgue le Faye, Nimue, Queen of Avalon, Argante, Fata Morgana, Lady of the Lake, Matrona, Morgain(e), Morgan(n)a, Morgue le Fay(e), Nineve, Queen of Cyprus, Queen of Gore, Celtic Matrona, Celtic Matrona, Lady of Little Van Lake or Lady of Little Van Lake.

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