Central American - The Aztec god of hunting. Son of Cihuacoatl. Father of Huitzilopochtli. By Coatlicue. Father of Quetzalcoatl by Xochiquetzal. In some accounts, his wife was Ilamatecuhtli who bore seven sons. Others give his wife as Chimalmatl by whom he fathered Ce Acatl. Some say he was the father of Tezcatlipoca, others that they were the same. He is depicted with white stripes covering his body or with the features of an animal and is sometimes accompanied by a deer with two heads. Also called Mixcoatl, Cloud Serpent, Cloud Serpent, Iztacmixcoatl, Iztacmixcoatl, Iztacmixcohuatl, Iztacmixcohuatl, Sky Father, Sky Father, Jupiter, Iztacmixco(hu)atl or Iztacmixco(hu)atl.

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