Korean - A creator-god. He is said to have created the earth, pushing heaven and earth apart and supporting the heavens with a copper pillar at each corner. He created men and women from insects which appeared in the silver and gold trays which he held while praying to heaven. After many struggles with Sokka, the force of evil, he left the world to its own sinful ways. Identified as Miruk, Chinese Hsiao Fo, Chinese Hsiao Fo, Maitreya, Miroku, Mi-lo-fo, Mi-lo-fo, A-shih-to, Hsiao Fo, Mi-li, Mi-lo, Mila Fu, Milo, P'u Sa, Mi-lo Fo, Mi Lo Fo, Japanese Hotei, Asita, Buddhist Maitreya, Buddhist Maitreya, Kalki, Pu T'ai Ho-shang, Hindu Kalki, Hindu Kalki, Japanese Miroku or Japanese Miroku.

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