German - A dwarf. Brother of Alberich. He made the Helmet of Invisibility and the Ring of Power, used by Alberich, from some of the Rhinegold. When the treasure fell into the hands of Fafnir, Mime resolved to get it for himself. He set up a forge and started to make swords hoping to find a hero who would use one of them to kill Fafnir. The distraught Sieglinde arrived on his doorstep with a young baby and died soon after showing Mime the pieces of the broken Sword of Need. Mime raised the boy, Siegfried, who later reforged the sword and killed the dragon Fafnir. When Mime tried to poison Siegfried to get the treaure for himself, Siegfried killed him. Occasionally called Mime, Mimi, Mimi, Mimir, Mimir, Mimir, Mimi(r), Mimi(r), Modsognir, Modsognir, Norse Regin or Norse Regin.

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