Serbian - A Serbian hero. Brother of Potrashin and Voukashin. Disguised as a Bulgar he accompanied his uncle, Doushan, to claim the hand of Roksanda, daughter of Michael, king of Leyden. He killed three of the tsar's train when they tried to take his marvellous horse, Koulash, and took upon himself the tasks set by King Michael before he would part with his daughter. These involved killing the king's champion, leaping over three horses in line, shooting an arrow through a ring to pierce an apple and choosing Roksanda from three identically dressed maidens. Milosh succeeded in all these tasks but when the party left with Roksanda, the king sent the three-headed warrior, Balatchko, to bring her back. Despite the flames from one of his mouths and the icy blast issuing from another, Balatchko was killed by Milosh who cut off all his heads. Also referred to as Milosh.
Serbian - A noble. Prince Ivan had won the consent of the doge of Venice to the marriage of his daughter to Ivan's son, Maximus, whom she had never seen. When Maximus was disfigured by small-pox, Milosh took his place to woo the maiden but he fell out with Maximus over a golden shirt that the bride had made as a wedding-present for her husband, and they fought. Milosh was killed and Maximus claimed the maiden for his wife. Also commonly called Milosh.
Serbian - A knight. He was riding with Marko and Relya when they were set upon by Bogdan the Bully and twelve of his men. Marko captured all twelve and scared Bogdan into releasing his two friends who had been captured by Bogdan. On another occasion, he was captured by General Voutcha, together with Ivan and Milan, but Marko came to their rescue. He killed hundreds of the general's men and then captured the general and his son, trading them for the release of his three friends. Sometimes called Milosh.

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