European - A duke of Aiglant. Husband of Bertha. Father of Roland. He was banished by Charlemagne when he secretly married the emperor's sister, Bertha. He left his wife and young son in a cave and set out to seek his fortune. He was drowned when trying to cross a ford or, in other accounts, was killed in battle by the Saracens in Spain. Some stories say that Charlemagne fathered Roland on his sister, Bertha, and then married her off to Milon. In a different version, Milon was a courtier at the court of King Hugon and he seduced the king's wife, Alif. She was locked in a dungeon by her husband for seven years until she was rescued by her son, Landres. Charlemagne, her brother, restored Alif to her proper position and had Milon thrown into the same dungeon which was full of snakes and toads. Occasionally called Milon, Milo, Milo or Milon.

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