Irish - A Scythian warrior, king of Spain. Son or grandson of Breoghan. Husband of Scota. He was originally called Golamh. He went to Scythia and married Seang, the king's daughter. When she died, he went to Egypt where he met and married Scota, daughter of the pharaoh. He killed the pharaoh and returned to Spain with an army to repel invaders. He was said to have had two sons (Aireach and Donn) by his first wife, six more (Amergin, Colptha, Eber, Erannan, Eremon and Ir) by Scota and many others as a result of affairs in Spain. Ith, his uncle or, in some accounts, his grandfather, was killed by the three Danaan kings when he landed in Ireland. Milesius raised an army and invaded. He died before reaching the island and his wife died soon afterwards but his sons defeated the Danaans. Also identified as Milesius, Mil, Mil, Mil Easpain, Mil Easpain, Mil Easpaine, Mil Easpaine, Mil Espaine, Mil Espaine, Mil Espane, Mil Espane, Mile Easpain, Mile Easpain, Miled, Miled, Miledh, Miledh, Golamh, Golamh, Mil (Espa(i)ne), Mil (Espa(i)ne), Mil(e) Easpain(e), Mil(e) Easpain(e), Miled(h), Miled(h), Miles Hispaniae, Miles Hispaniae or Soldier of Spain.

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