Irish - Son of Colga. He was the only survivor of the army led by his father to conquer Ireland which was defeated by the Fianna. Finn mac Cool treated him well and gave him land at the mouth of the Shannon where he grew to manhood. He still hated Finn and brought Sinsar, King of the World, and the three kings of the Island of the Torrent, to help him to avenge the death of his father. When Finn visited him, Midac invited him to a feast at the Quicken Trees Hostel and trapped him and some of the Fianna there. After two war parties had been killed by Innsa and Fiachna as they tried to cross the ford to reach the hostel, Midac himself led a third wave of attackers but they also fell under Fiachna's sword. A spear thrown by Dermot, leading a relieving force, killed Midac who, with his dying effort, slew Fiachna. On occassion, called Midac, Miodach or Miodach.

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