North American - A creator-god of the Algonquins. Chief of the 5 gods of the tribe. Son of Kabun. Brother of Chokanipok. Michabo often descended to earth to hunt and, on one occasion, his hunting pack composed of wolves led him to a lake. When he followed them into the lake, the water overflowed and flooded the whole earth. Both the raven and the otter failed to find any dry land but the musk-rat brought up mud from the bottom and Michabo made a new world, mating with Muskrat to start the human race. He killed Chokanipok and scattered his entrails which became vines. He is said to have invented the fishing net and instructed his people in the art of fishing. The clouds in the sky are the fumes from his great pipe. On occassion, referred to as Michabo, Lord Hare, Lord Hare, Lord of the Day, Lord of the Day, Manabozho, Manabozho, Hiawatha, Manabosho, Manabush, Manibozho, Minabozho, Nanabozho, Winabozho, Great Hare, Minabozha, Nanaboojoo, Nanabush, Abnaki Gluskap, Iroquois Ioskeha, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou, Messibizi, Messibizi, Messon, Messon, Missabos, Missabos, Missiwabun, Missiwabun, Wabun or Wabun.

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