Mexican Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


A fertility dance of the Otomi tribe. In this ceremony a snake is held over the head of a young girl known as the Maringuilla. In some references, called acatlaxqui.


A shrub; the tree of life. Also known as agave, Agaue, Agaue, Agave, Agave, Autonoe or Autonoe.


The first people, ancestors of the Tarahumare tribe. These beings, cannibals who lived in caves, were scorched to death by the sun for their wickedness. A few escaped but were later killed by the Tarahumare. Occasionally known as Cocoyomes.

Falling Eagle

A giant, in Aztec lore. He was one of four giants who supported the sky at the beginning of the Fifth Sun. He was regarded as the symbol of divine power on earth. Sometimes identified as Falling Eagle.


A sun-god. Occasionally known as Hu, Emperor of the Northern Seas, Emperor of the Northern Seas, Hu, Father Hu or Father Hu.
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