Greek - One of the Oceanids. The goddess of prudence. Daughter of Oceanus and Gaea or Tethys. First wife of Zeus. She helped Zeus to overthrow Cronus and was seduced by Zeus who swallowed her (in the form of a fly, some say) to prevent the birth of a child she had foretold would be greater even than Zeus. That child was Athena who burst from the head of Zeus. Metis was sent to live in the planet Mercury. In some accounts, known as Metis, Iao, Iao, Erikapaios, Eros, Metis, Phanes, 'light' or Protogonos.


General - Magical powers of healing. At times, referred to as metis, Iao, Iao, Erikapaios, Eros, Metis, Phanes, 'light', Metis or Protogonos.

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