Mess Buachalla

Irish - Daughter of Cormac and Etain Oig or of Eochaid Airemh. Wife of Eterskel. Her father wanted a son so he ordered his infant daughter to be drowned. The servants charged with the task gave her instead to the cowherd of King Eterskel. He raised her secretly and when the king found out he ordered that the girl be brought to his court. Before this could be done, she was seduced by Nemglan the bird-god who came to her in the form of a Danaan youth. She married Eterskel and her son by the bird-god, who was named Conary Mor, was raised by a foster-father, Desa. In some accounts, Mess Buachalla herself was from the Otherworld and brought an army from there to ensure that Conary was installed as king after the death of Eterskel. Others say that she was the daughter of Eterskel. Another story has it that her children by Nemglan were birds who turned into warriors in times of need. Sometimes known as Mess Buachalla, Meas Buachalla, Meas Buachalla, Messbuachalla or Messbuachalla.

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