British - A bard and magician. Brother of Gwendydd. Father of Vanoc. Father of Inogen, in some accounts. In one account of his origins, he was created by the forces of evil to offset the effect of Christ's birth but he was baptised as a Christian by Blaise and so the plan failed. In some stories, his mother was Joan go-to't, in Welsh stories she was Aldan, in French stories she was Optima and in some Italian stories she was Marinaia. His father is given as Madog or Morgan Frych though some say that he was fathered by an unkown youth, said to be a demon, on the daughter of a king and was born with a twin sister, Gwendydd, who becomes Ganieda in Italian stories. Other stories say that he came from Atlantis or that he was Taliesin reincarnated. In some accounts his wife was Elen Lwyddawg, known in Italian stories as Gwendoloena. When he was but a few days old, he made an impassioned plea for the life of his mother, who was on trial for associating with the Devil, and so saved her life. He foretold the advent of Arthur and the return of Aurelius Ambrosius and Uther who had been taken to France to escape the fate that befell their brother Constans at the hand of Vortigern. When Aurelius or, in some accounts, Uther, wanted a fitting memorial to the knights slaughtered by Hengist, Merlin went to Ireland with Uther, dismantled the Giant's Ring, transported the stones by magic to England and re-erected them as Stonehenge. He changed himself into the form of Jordans, a knight at the court of Gorlois, and brought about the seduction of Igraine by Uther Pendragon by changing Uther into the form of her husband, Gorlois, on the promise that he would be given the son of their union. This was the future king, Arthur, and Merlin took the boy and fostered him with Ector. In some accounts, Uther objected to handing over the child, so Merlin snatched him and blinded Uther. When Arthur was defeated in a joust with Pellimore, Merlin saved his life by putting his opponent into a trance. He knew that his fate would be sealed by a young girl and when Pellimore brought Nimue to Arthur's court he knew that his time had come. He fell in love with Nimue and foolishly taught her his magic arts when she led him to believe that she might yield to his persuasive talk. She accompanied him when he went to Ban's court in Benwick and, back in Britain, he made a fabulous room in a rock in Cornwall where they could be together. When they entered, she sprang back, sealing the entrance with an unbreakable spell, and rode off leaving him to his fate. When Bagdemagaus, seeking adventure, found the rock prison he was unable to break in and had to leave Merlin where he found him. In some versions, Nimue bound him in an enchanted wood or an oak tree, in others she trapped him in a rock until he promised to love her only, entangling him forever in thorns when he refused. An alternative story says he was never so trapped and still lives on Bardsey Island guarding the Treasures of Britain, including King Arthur's throne, while others say that he was killed in battle or forgetfully sat in the Perilous Seat and was swallowed up by the earth. Some say that he fought at the Battle of Arthuret and was driven mad by a vision he saw there. He is credited with the creation of the magic sword, Excalibur, and the building of the Round Table. In the stories of Charlemagne, he built a magic fountain from which Rinaldo drank, turning his love for Angelica into hate. The warrior-maid Bradamante, searching for Rogero, was taken to Merlin's tomb where his spirit gave her instructions on how to find him, helped by Merlin's priestess, Melissa. Sometimes known as Merlin, Ambrosius, Ambrosius, Merlin, Merddin, Merddin, Merlin, Merlinus, Merlinus, Merlin, Merlyn, Merlyn, Merlin, Myrddin, Myrddin, Emrys or Lailoken.
French - A 12th C. Poem by Boron on the later. Exploits of the wizard. Also commonly identified as Merlin, Ambrosius, Ambrosius, Merlin, Merddin, Merddin, Merlin, Merlinus, Merlinus, Merlin, Merlyn, Merlyn, Merlin, Myrddin, Myrddin, Emrys or Lailoken.

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