British - A warrior-maid. Daughter of King Arthur. She was in love with Orlando, a prince of Thessaly. Mador persuaded Merlin to imprison Orlando under a spell that could be lifted only if the Lance of Longinus, the oil of the pig of Tuis and a precious stone owned by the daughter of the king of Narsinga were produced. She defeated the king of Africa to win the Lance and she was given Levander as a servant for the rest of her quest. They were both put in prison by the king of Asia but escaped, taking with them the oil of the pig. They got their hands on the precious stone, a carbuncle, when they trapped the king of Narsinga and his daughter, Verona, who later married Levander. With the three objects of the quest, Melora gained Orlando's freedom and married him. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Melora.

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