Canaanite - A fertility-god worshipped at Tyre and Carthage. Consort of Astarte. In early tradition he was regarded as a sea-god or a god of the underworld but later was recognised as a sun-god. Others say he was first a sun-god, later a sea-god. Some say that he is the same as Moloch or Baal. On occassion, identified as Melkarth, King of the City, King of the City, Melcarth, Melcarth, Melkart, Melkart, Melqart, Melqart, sacred plants, sacred plants, sacred trees, tree-worship, Asclepius Phrygeus Muslims, Romans Dionysus Mercury Kojin Apollo Ceres and Demeter Dis Pater, Hades Artemis Egypt Dionysus, Pacific Islands Romulus Cybele Hestia Dionysus Dionysus Apollo Hera Buddha, Egypt Hades Aphrodite, Venus Demeter, Dis Pater, Hades Egypt Baal, Jupiter, Thor, Zeus Athena Hermes Mexico Confucius, Dionysus Dionysus Heracles Demeter, Hades Japan Buddhism Japan Egypt Sweden Dionysus Mithra Greece, tree worship, Baal, Baal, Baal-Dagon, Bael, Baell, Greek Heracles, Greek Heracles, Arsaphes, Baal Tyre, Gisdhubar, Hereklo, Khons, Krishna, Vahagn, Verethragna, Vritrahana, Sandan, Sandan, Marduk, sacred animals, Sandas, Sandes, Sandon, Santas, Babylonian Marduk or Hittite Sanda.

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