European - A priestess at the tomb of Merlin. She guided Bradamante in her search for Rogero. When Rogero and Rinaldo were chosen to fight in single combat to decide the war between the Christians and the Saracens, she appeared in the guise of Rodomont and led an attack on the Christian forces, so breaking the agreed truce. When Astolpho was turned into a myrtle tree by Alcina, Melissa, in the form of Atlantes, rescued him by giving him her magic ring. In some lore, occasionally identified as Melissa.
Greek - Daughter of Melisseus and Amalthea. Sister of Adastrea and Ida. She was turned into a bee by the gods and helped her sisters care for the infant Zeus by providing honey for him. In some references, called Melissa.


Greek - A title given to a priestess of Artemis, Demeter, Rhea, etc. Sometimes called melissa.

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