Meliot de Logris

British - A Knight of the Round Table. Cousin of Nimue. Nimue was forcibly dragged by Ontelake from Arthur's court where she had gone to reclaim her white bitch which had chased a white stag into the hall where the king's wedding feast was in progress. Meliot challenged Ontelake and they were fighting each other on foot when Pellimore, sent by the king to bring the lady and the intruding knight back to his court, rode up and parted them. Pellimore killed Ontelake and, when Meliot surrendered without a fight, Pellimore took Nimue back to Camelot. He was badly wounded in a fight in which he killed Gilbert the Bastard and was saved by Lancelot who retrieved a sword and a piece of cloth covering the dead knight in Chapel Perilous and used them to restore Meliot to health. He was one of the twelve knights who helped Agravain and Mordred when they attempted to seize Lancelot in the queen's bedroom. All except Mordred were killed by Lancelot. In some accounts, identified as Meliot de Logris.

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