British - Son of King Bagdemagus. He loved Guinevere but could make no progress for fear of Lancelot who was the queen's lover, so he captured her and ten of her knights when they were out riding. When Lancelot rode to the queen's rescue, Maliagaunt submitted himself to the queen's mercy and she forgave him. Lancelot slept with the queen that night, leaving blood on the sheets from a wound on his hand received when he forced the window-bars. Meliagaunt accused the queen of being unfaithful to King Arthur by sleeping with one of her ten knights, many of whom had been wounded when captured. Lancelot undertook to meet him in single combat to prove her innocence but the treacherous knight trapped Lancelot in a dungeon and went off to Westminster for the arranged meeting. A maid released Lancelot for the price of one kiss and he arrived at Westminster in time to save Guinevere once again, killing Meliagaunt even with one hand tied behind his back. In another version, Lancelot defeated Meliagaunt but, at the queen's behest, spared his life while another says that Guinevere was rescued by Gawain. Also referred to as Meliagaunt, Malagant, Malagant, Maleagans, Maleagans, Maleagant, Maleagant, Maliagant, Maliagant, Meleagans, Meleagans, Meleagant, Meleagant, Meleagaunce, Meleagaunce, Meleagraunce, Meleagraunce, Meliagant, Meliagant, Meliagaunce, Meliagaunce, Mellyagraunce, Mellyagraunce, Melwas, Melwas, Melvas, Meleag(r)aunce, Meleag(r)aunce, Meliag(r)aunce, Meliag(r)aunce, Welsh Melwas or Welsh Melwas.

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