Greek - Son of Oeneus or Ares by Althaea. Brother of Deianeira. Husband of Cleopatra. Father of Parthenopaeus by Atalanta, some say. At his birth, the Fates decreed that when a piece of wood that they had thrown on to the fire was completely consumed, Meleager would die. His mother quickly doused the flames and hid the brand. He was one of the Argonauts and became a champion javelin-thrower. It was he who killed the Calydonian boar and presented the skin to Atalanta who had first wounded it. He killed his uncles Plexippus and Toxeus when they objected. Althaea was so angry that, during the battle that ensued when two other uncles led troops against him, she threw the hidden brand on the fire and, as it burnt away, her son died. In another story, he had killed his mother's brother and, when she cursed him for this deed, he refused to help Calydon when it was attacked by the Curetes. He later relented to the pleas of his wife and joined the fray. Some say that he was killed in the struggle with the Curetes and his grieving sisters (whose tears turned into amber, in some accounts) were changed into guinea-fowl and his mother hanged herself. In some references, known as Meleager, Meleagros or Meleagros.

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