Egyptian - A mother-goddess. Mother of Ra. The personification either of the primitive waters or the underworld waterway used by Ra to return each night to the east, she generated the Seven Wise Ones who helped her to create the world. In some accounts she is identified with Hathor or Neith. She is depicted in the form of a cow with the solar disc between the horns. At times, referred to as Mehet-Weret, Celestial Cow, Celestial Cow, Mehet-Uret, Mehet-Uret, Mehet-weret, Meht-Ueret, Meht-Ueret, Mehturt, Mehturt, Mehueret, Mehueret, Mehurt, Mehurt, Meht-Ueret Meh(t)urt, Meht-Ueret Meh(t)urt, Neith, Neith, Athena, Mother of the Gods, Nath, Neit, Net, Nit, African, Great Goddess, Neit, Net, Tehenut, Greek Athena or Lamia.

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