Greek - One of the 3 Gorgons. Daughter of Phorcos and Ceto. Sister of Euryale and Stheno. She was originally a beautiful mortal but was changed into an ugly Gorgon by Athena for sleeping with Poseidon in Athena's temple or, in another story, for insulting Athena by claiming to be more beautiful than the goddess. In some versions, Artemis appears instead of Athena. The only mortal of the three, she was killed and beheaded by Perseus who had promised her head to Polydectes as a wedding-gift. The flying-horse, Pegasus, and the warrior, Chrysaor, sprang from the blood of Medusa when she was killed though some say that Poseidon was the father of Pegasus. Medusa's blood was used by Asclepius - that from one vein to kill, that from another to restore the dead to life. The head was finally given to Athena who bore it on the aegis, the shield of Zeus, which she carried. Another story has it that the head was buried under the market-place in Athens. She is depicted as having snakes for hair, wings and, sometimes a beard. It is said that her look could turn people to stone. Also commonly referred to as Medusa, Gorgo, Gorgo or Medusa.
Greek - Daughter of Sthenelus and Nicippe. Sister of Alcinoe and Eurystheus. In some lore, occasionally identified as Medusa, Gorgo, Gorgo or Medusa.

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