Meas Geaghra

Irish - A king of Leinster. Husband of Buan. He was killed in single combat and decapitated by Conall Cearnach who thus avenged the death of his two brothers at the hand of Meas. Conall used the brains of Meas, crushed and mixed with lime, to make the 'brain ball' which he deposited at Emain Macha and which was later used by Cet to kill Conor mac Nessa. In other versions, it was the brains of Mac Da Tho, who is calledMesgora Mac Da Tho in some accounts, which Conall used to make the 'brain-ball'. Sometimes referred to as Meas Geaghra, Mac Da Tho, Mac Da Tho, Mesgora, Mesroda, Mesgora Mac DaTho, Mesgedra, Mesgedra, Mesgegra or Mesgegra.

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