Japanese - A priest. He went to the Shogun and asked for funds to repair his monastery and took a house where the well was always full of water, even when a drought struck the city. Many people had thrown themselves into the well for some unknown reason. Matsumura saw a beautiful woman, Yayoi, in the water and she reappeared when the drought ended. She had been forced by the Poison Dragon to lure people to their death. She disappeared again and, when Matsumura cleaned out the well, he found her mirror which he cleaned and kept safely. When she appeared again, she explained that she was the soul of the mirror. She warned Matsumura to leave as his home would be destroyed in a flood and told him to present the mirror to the Shogun. When the priest gave the mirror to the Shogun, he was rewarded with money to repair his monastery. Sometimes known as Matsumura.

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