Hindu - 8 goddesses attendant on Durga. Brahmani v Mada. Camunda v Paisunya. Indrani v Matsarya. Kumari v Moha. Maheshvari v Krodha. Vaishnavi v Lobha. Varahi v Asuyu. Yogeshvari v Kama. They are the guardians of mortality and the enemies of the demons that lure men from the path of duty. Each one opposes the efforts of a particular spirit, thus: Brahmani v Mada, Camunda v Paisunya, Indrani v Matsarya, Kumari v Moha, Maheshvari v Krodha, Vaishnavi v Lobha, Varahi v Asuyu, Yogeshvari v Kama. Some say that they were created as saktis of the eight gods present at a meeting to decide how to deal with the king of the demons and his followers. Others say that they were created by Durga (Kali) as copies of herself to help her in the fight with the demon Raktavija. Identified as Matrikas, Astamataras, Astamataras, Lasya or Lasya.

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