Irish - King of Ireland. Husband of Branwen. Father of Gwern. When the king married Branwen, Efnisien, Bran's unstable half-brother, mutilated many of the horses of his courtiers. Although Matholwch accepted the magic Cauldron of Rebirth from Bran in compensation and the quarrel was patched up, some of the courtiers were still angry and eventually demanded that Branwen be demoted to the status of kitchen-maid. She managed to get a message carried to Bran by a starling and he came to her rescue at the head of an invading army. Matholwch surrendered and handed over the kingdom to his son Gwern. When Efnisien killed the boy by pushing him into the fire, a fight broke out in which Matholwch and all his court were killed and few of Bran's men survived. In some versions, the whole population of Ireland was killed with the exception of five pregnant women who, in time, repopulated the country. Known as Matholwch, Mallolwych, Mallolwych, Matholch, Matholch, Mattholoch or Mattholoch.

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