Welsh - A god of wealth and winds. King of Gwynedd. Son of Mathonwy. Brother of Dôn. He always had to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin except when he was called away to battle. In order to get access to Goewin, one of these virgins, Gilfaethwy and his brother Gwydion tricked Pryderi with phantom horses in exchange for real pigs, so causing Pryderi to invade Gwynedd. Math had to leave Goewin to lead his men, giving Gilfaethwy the chance to seduce her. When she confessed what had happened, Math married her and punished Gilfaethwy and his brother by turning them successively into male and female deer, swine and wolves. In each form they produced offspring which Math turned into boys. He later restored Gilfaethwy and Gwydion to human form and took as his new footholder Aranrhod, daughter of Don, who gave birth to two (or three) sons. One of these, Llew, was raised by Gwydion who, with the help of Math, made a non-human wife for Llew. She was called Blodeuedd. In some accounts, Math Hen, god of wealth and winds, is regarded as separate from Math, son of Mathonwy, in others he is identified with March ap Meirchion. Occasionally referred to as Math, March ap Meirchion, March ap Meirchion, Math Hen, Math Hen, Old Treasure or Old Treasure.

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