Roman - The war-god, god of agriculture, fertility, fields, woods: one of the Olympians. Son of Jupiter and Juno. Brother of Bellona. Brother or husband of Nerio, some say. Husband of Venus. Father of Anteros, Biston, Cupid and Harmonia. Father of Faunus, some say. In one account, he raped Ilia (Rhea Silvia) and fathered the twins Romulus and Remus on her. One story says that he employed the old Anna Perenna as a go-between when wooing Minerva. She told Mars that Minerva was willing to marry him but, when he raised the bride's veil, he found himself looking at Anna herself. A different version has the minor goddess, Nerio, in place of Minerva while others say that Nerio, rather than Venus, was his wife. His festivals were Armilustrium (October) and Quinquatrus (March). Known as Mars, Ares, Ares, Enyalius, Kandaon, Egyptian Anhur, Etruscan Maris, Roman Gravidus, Mamers, Mamers, Marmar, Marmar, Mavors, Mavors, Pyrois, Pyrois, sacred birds, sacred birds, birds, Ainu Ahura Mazda, Amaterasu, Apollo, Athena, Helius, Hermes, Mercury, Mithra, Nyx, Tammuz, Zas Arawn, Artemis, China, Fukurokuju, Kwannon, Lares, Mannanan, Perseus, Shou Shen, Thoth Apollo, Asclepius, Angerbode Brac, Cronus, Odin, Saturn, Yama Juno Aphrodite, Astarte Ararjatis, Ataragatis, Hachiman, Venus Dusara, Jupiter Egypt Apollo, Baba, Brahma, Dionysus, Egypt, Eros, Epona, Hera, Horus, Iris, Juno, Kaltesh, Ops, Osiris, Seb, Thoth, Vishnu Isis Apollo, Here, Tethys Zoastrianism Asclepius, Inara Ketu, Minerva Brahma, Lakshmi, Sarasvati Apollo, Melkarth Asclepius, Noah, Odin Saturn Aphrodite, Venus Hera, Sweden Aphrodite, Isis Aphrodite, Venus Aztecs, Maya Apollo, Ares Heracles, Isis, Izanagi, Izanami Ares Triptolemus Amaterasu, Viticus, Viticus, Father Mars, Father Mars, Mars Marspite, Gradivus, Gradivus, Greek Ares, Loucetius, Loucetius, Mars Loucetius, Ma(r)spiter, Ma(r)spiter, Quirinus, Quirinus, Romulus, Rigonometis, Rigonometis, Mars Rigonometis, Silvan, Silvan, Faunus, Pan, satyr, Silas, Silvanus, Sylvan, Sylvanus, Sylvan(us), Silvani, Ultor, Ultor, Mars Ultor, Vitricos or Vitricos.

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