Serbian - Son of King Voukashin. Brother of Andrias. Some say that he was born of the union of a dragon with a veela. A Moorish knight demanded the Sultan's daughter as a wife and rode to Istanbul to claim her. Her parents and the princess each wrote to Marko for help and he finally agreed on the promise of a rich reward. He attacked the Moor as he rode in procession to his wedding, killed him and cut off his head. Another Moor had imposed a wedding tax on the people of Kosovo which was ended when Marko challenged the Moor in his own tent and beheaded him. When his friend, Milosh and two others were thrown into prison by Voutcha, Marko rode to their rescue. He killed hundreds of the general's soldiers and captured both him and his son, Velimir, releasing them only in return for the release of his countrymen and a large reward. He married the daughter of Shishman, king of Bulgaria. When a veela, Raviyoyla, wounded Milosh with arrows, Marko pursued her and forced her to collect herbs that cured his friend. Marko once fought a tremendous duel with Moussa, a brigand, and defeated him but only with the help of his veela. It turned out that Moussa had three hearts, in one of which lived a serpent. When his veela told Marko that his death was imminent, he broke his weapons, killed and buried his horse Sharatz, and, leaving gold for his tomb, lay down and went peacefully to sleep, never to wake. Some say that Marko still sleeps in a cave with his sword embedded in a rock and will return when the sword is removed. In some accounts, known as Marko, Prince Marko, Prince Marko, Royal Prince Marko, Royal Prince Marko, (Royal) Prince Marko or (Royal) Prince Marko.

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