Hindu - A mother-goddess. She was originally a mortal, a Brahmin tricked into marrying an untouchable. She committed suicide, became a deity and burned her husband to ash. She is depicted with three heads (one the head of a pig) and eight or more arms, holding the moon, the sun and various weapons, and riding in a chariot drawn by seven pigs. Occasionally referred to as Maritchi, Marichi, Marichi, Marici, Marici, Mo-li-chi, Mo-li-chi, Buddhist Maric(h)i, Buddhist Maric(h)i, Chinese Chun T'i, Chinese Chun T'i, T'ien Hou, T'ien Hou, Chuan Hou, Chun T'i, Empress of Heaven, Tou Mu, Tou Mu, Mother of the Ladle, Tao Mu or T'ien Mu.

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