Basque - A mother-goddess. Consort of Maju. She can appear as a flying being, a white cloud or as a rainbow. She is sometimes depicted as riding in a fourhorse chariot, sometimes riding a ram. On occassion, referred to as Mari.
Buddhist - A god of literature. One of the dharanis. Also known as Mari.
Greek - A Cretan goddess. Occasionally identified as Mari.
Indian - A Tamil mother-goddess, goddess of smallpox or rain. Sometimes referred to as Mari.
Korean - A friend of Chumong. When Chumong fled to escape death at the hand of Kumwa, Mari and two other friends, Hyobbu and Zoi, went with him. Sometimes referred to as Mari.


Pacific Islands - In Melanesia, the soul of a dead person. The soul travels to Kibu, the land of the dead where, after being struck on the head by a stone club, it becomes a markai, a true ghost. Occasionally known as mari.

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