Irish - A saint. He was always accompanied by guardian angels and, early in his life, was performing miracles such as restoring to life a drowned boy and replacing sheep taken by wolves. He studied for a while in Wales and returned to Ireland to establish a monastery where, merely by drawing a line in the earth with his staff, he saved a herd from invading forces. He brought back to life the king of Leinster, Brandubh, but he said that he preferred the afterlife and returned to it. There are numerous instances where he travelled in miraculous fashion, crossing lakes that dried up before him and riding across the Irish Sea on a marine animal. Also referred to as Maodhog, Aedh[sup]13[/sup], Aedh[sup]13[/sup], Aedon, Aedon, Aodan, Aodan, Aodan, Aodh, Aodh, Aedh, Mo-Aedoc, Mo-Aedoc, Mogue, Mogue, Aed(h), Aed(h), Dagda, The, Aedan, Aedan, Aodan or Aodan.

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