Manx Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


A mythical hairy monster or brownie. In some lore, occasionally known as Fenodyree, Fenoderee or Fenoderee.


The Manx name for Finn mac Cool. In some references, known as Fin, Fionnbharr, Fionnbharr, Fin, Finbheara, Findbharr, Finnbeara, Finnbheara, Finvara, Finvarra, Findbhar or Finvar(r)a.


A race of giants: the Manx name for the Fomoire. Called Foawr, Irish Fomoire, Irish Fomoire or Fomhair.


A water-horse which sometimes appears. As a handsome youth. Also referred to as glaistyn, cabyll-ushtey, cabyll-ushtey, tarroo-ushtey, glaistig, glaistig, Urisk, kelpie, kelpie, kelby, kelpy, Irish each uisge, Manx Cabyll-Ushtey, Glaistyn, Orkneys tang(ie), Scotland shoopiltie, Shetlands shoopiltee, Welsh ceffyn dwr, Scottish kelpie, Scottish kelpie, eac uisge or tangie.


A female spirit or fairy in the Isle of Man. At times, referred to as Lliannan-she, Lhianan-Shee, Lhianan-Shee, Irish Leanan-sidhe or Irish Leanan-sidhe.

Mac y Leirr

The Manx name for Manannan mac Lir. Also known as Mac y Leirr, Manannan Beg, Manannan Beg, Manannan mac Lir or Manawyddan.


The Manx name for Oisin. Also identified as Oshin.


A helpful fairy or goblin. Identified as Phynnodderee.


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