Hindu - A primaeval creator-god. One of the 9 Brahmarishis. Son of Surya and Sanjna, some say. Son of Vivasvat, some say. Brother of Yama, some say. Consort of Ida. Father of Bhrigu and Prasuti. Every kalpa has fourteen floods, each with its own version of the Manu story in which a fish warns of a coming flood. Manu built a ship, filled it with specimens of each plant and animal and was towed to safety by the fish, allowing Manu to survive to become the progenitor of the human race. The fish is Matsya, the first avatar of Vishnu, in some stories. An alternative story says that Manu was the first mortal, produced when Brahma mated with Sarasvati, the woman born of his own body. In other accounts, Brahma produced ten Prajapatis who produced seven Manus. The first Manu was known as Svayam-bhuva and some say that Vaivasvata is the seventh and current incarnation. He is said to have written Manu Smirti, a book of laws. Also commonly known as Manu, Mana, Mana, Welsh Manaw, Menu, Menu, Manu, Min, Vaivasvata, Yima, Yima, Great Shepherd, The, Jamshid, Manu, The Great Shepherd, Buddhist Yen Wang, Hindu Yama or Norse Ymir.

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