European - A Tartar. Son of Agrican. He had defeated the knight Gradasso who was one of the many enchanted by the fairy guarding the armour of Hector of Troy and had won possession of it with the exception of the missing sword, Durindana, which had come down to Roland. To win the armour he had to overcome the wild animals that appeared when he cut down the corn in a field and the predatory birds and the serpent which attacked him when he uprooted the tree that gave entrance to the vault where the armour had been stored. He came to France to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Roland and there he met Rogero who bore the arms of Troy. Mandricardo disputed with both Rogero and Gradasso, who had accompanied him to France, the right to bear such arms. Florismart settled the dispute by offering to lead them to Roland who had the sword Durindana. He ran off with Rodomont's ladylove, Doralis. Roland went mad when he learned of Angelica's marriage to Medoro and abandoned his armour and sword. Mandricardo fought and killed Zebrino for possession of it and was later challenged by Rogero and Gradasso, both of whom claimed the sword. The king, Agramant, ordered a contest to settle the matter and Rogero, representing himself and Gradasso, fought and killed Mandricardo. In some references, referred to as Mandricardo.

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