Welsh - A sea-god. Ruler of the land of the dead. Son of Llyr and Penardun. Brother of Bran and Branwen. He was one of the seven survivors of the force that Bran led to Ireland to rescue his sister, Branwen, from the illtreatment she received at the hands of her husband, Matholwch. He was later introduced by Pryderi to his mother, Rhiannon, widow of Pywll, and they married. By some mysterious agency, all living things disappeared from Wales so Manawyddan and Rhiannon, together with Pryderi and his wife Cigfa, moved to England. Here they worked successively as saddlemakers, shieldmakers and shoemakers but they aroused the enmity of local craftsmen and eventually returned to Wales where Pryderi and Rhiannon mysteriously disappeared. When Manawyddan set up as a farmer he was plagued by mice and, having caught the largest mouse, was about to hang it when a bishop appeared and offered a large ransom for the mouse who was his wife. It turned out that he was the magician Llwyd who had put a curse on the country to avenge the treatment of Gwawl, the suitor rejected by Rhiannon when she married Pwyll. With the mouse freed and restored as the magician's wife, Pryderi and Rhiannon were returned, the spell was lifted and the land returned to normal. Also called Manawyddan, Manawydan, Manawydan, Manawydan (fab Llyr), Manawydan (fab Llyr), Manx Mac y Leirr, Manx Mac y Leirr, Manannan mac Lir, Manannan Beg, Manannan Beg, Mac y Leirr, Irish Manannan mac Lir or Irish Manannan mac Lir.

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