North American - A trickster-god of the Menominee Indians. Brother of Moqwaoi. He was the only survivor of twins born to Wenonah, a daughter of Nokomis, who died in childbirth. He turned into a white rabbit who later stole fire and gave it to the tribe. When his brother, Moqwaoi, was killed by evil spirits, he killed two of their number. The other spirits then caused a flood from which Manabush was the only one to escape which he did by climbing a pine tree and causing it to grow rapidly to beat the rising waters. When Muskrat found a small piece of dry soil after Beaver, Mink and Otter had failed, Manabush was able to recreate the world. In another story, Misikinebik, a monstrous serpent, ate nearly all the tribe so Manabush offered himself and, once inside the beast, stabbed its heart and killed it. Also commonly called Manabush, Manabozho, Manabozho, Hiawatha, Manabosho, Manibozho, Michabo, Minabozho, Nanabozho, Winabozho, Great Hare, Minabozha, Nanaboojoo, Nanabush, Abnaki Gluskap, Iroquois Ioskeha, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou, Manabusch, Manabusch, Chippewa Manabozho, Chippewa Manabozho, Wabus, Wabus or Potawatomi Wabasso.

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